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    Manage Your Fleet.Railcars are the key element in your railcar supply chain. They have to be tracked, maintained, leased or owned and serviced. GeoMetrix looks after all the details.
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  • You Have Choices

    GeoMetrix is a leading provider of Supply Chain Technology for the Rail Shipment Industry; for companies shipping bulk commodities by rail, who are not satisfied with the level of service from railroad carriers.
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  • Easy to Learn

    Rail logistic professionals instantly feel at home with GeoMetrix, because it is based on your standard work routines and terminology. Our clients consistently comment on how easy GeoMetrix is to learn and how quickly their employees become proficient, effective users.
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Shipping Bulk Commodities by Rail


Shipping bulk commodities by rail is a complex, capital intensive, high stakes business.

To optimize efficiency, control costs and keep customers happy, you must stay on top of an enormous, ever-changing flow of information.

The Most Useful Information in the Logistics Industry

GeoMetrix is the source of insight you need to streamline operations and earn maximum return on your capital investments. GeoMetrix gives you the most comprehensive, up-to-date and useful information in the logistics industry.

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The GeoMetrix Advantage


Eliminate fleet inefficiency and improve customer relations.

GeoMetrix provides essential fleet summary and planning information, plus daily tracking, route & ETA statistics, trip cycles, and more. Data is managed at GeoMetrix, organized to meet your requirements, then sent direct to your desktop using secure internet connections.

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What People Are Saying

GeoMetrix is an excellent tool for logistics management and the staff and product support are first rate :)

-- Basic Metals Shipper,
over 3000 Railcars

Easy Fleet Management

GeoMetrix is a powerful fleet management system that is easy to use.

Unlike other systems, GeoMetrix allows you to create new sub-fleets or assign multiple railcars to new fleets or base locations in a single action.

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Custom Reporting

GeoMetrix provides unrivalled ease to measure aspects of rail operations.

GeoMetrix lets you tap into more than 400 data fields and employ almost endless sorting and filtering capabilities. GeoMetrix empowers you to quickly and easily pinpoint the exact information you need and monitor it on an ongoing basis.

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Yard Management

GeoMetrix boosts the efficiency of railyard operations.

GeoMetrix streamlines the time-consuming tasks of locating and staging railcars and completing rail yard paperwork. What used to take hours can now be accomplished in minutes.

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