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Rail logistics isn't easy. GeoMetrix just makes it seem that way.

GeoMetrix is a full-featured internet application for managing railcar fleets, product transloads, loading and offloading racks, railcar yards and the product rail supply chain. GeoMetrix brings order to fleet management and is the most effective tool on the market for shipments by rail.

Fleet Management

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite provides complete cost visibility on all your railcar assets. Whether you own or lease your rolling stock, GeoMetrix lets you profile every railcar in both aggregate and individual terms.

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Yard Management

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite offers an exceptionally versatile Yard Management platform that is both powerful and user-friendly. For rail yards of all sizes, GeoMetrix’s Yard Management provides complete visibility on every aspect of rail yard operations at a glance.

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Custom Reporting

Industry leaders know they need more than just statistics. They need knowledge – and insight. They need the ability to communicate accurately and frequently with a variety of stakeholders, including operators, partners and customers. GeoMetrix allows you to do that – and more.

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What People Are Saying

"A user-friendly, fully customizable program that saves time, money and frustration!" Integrated Oil & Gas Over 4300 Railcars "It's a very helpful, user-friendly tool for monitoring fleets, costs, routes and transit times. It allows more proactivity and efficiency in dealing with customers, railroads, etc." Basic Metals Shipper Over 3000 Railcars "An excellent rail logistics management tool. Houses all rail relevant data that can be analyzed in many ways. Great staff and customer support." Water Treatment Chemicals 1000 Railcars