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Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Although 500 data elements for 2,500 railcars produces 1,250,000 pieces of useful information, industry leaders know they need more than that. They need knowledge – and insight. They need the ability to communicate accurately (and frequently) with a variety of stakeholders, including operators, partners and customers.

More Than Just Information

Whether you have 25 railcars or 25,000 railcars to manage, the GeoMetrix Performance Suite provides an unrivalled foundation of more than 500 data elements covering virtually every segment of your railcar transportation operation, from basic Tracking and Tracing to Railcar Fleet Management details and beyond.

While this comprehensive data set has proven indispensable to railcar owners and lessees, GeoMetrix Report Wizard provides the key to unlocking the vast potential that GeoMetrix Performance Suite offers for cost reduction, operational efficiency and sustainable return on your railcar assets and operations.

graphic_analyticsThe Power To Process

With GeoMetrix Performance Suite you no longer need to export raw data to spreadsheets or databases in order to filter, analyze, manipulate or report key information from your railcar operations. The GeoMetrix Report Wizard allows users to perform these functions without leaving the application, maintaining data integrity, reducing operational risk and improving security at the same time.

Now your team can confidently work with your operational data to produce the reports you need today and the ones you may need tomorrow.

The Power to Present

Now you can create exactly the report detail you require by following six simple steps that the GeoMetrix Report Wizard takes you through.

Simply select the data you need, group it according to your business, sort and filter as required, format the report and output in hard copy or electronic formats.

The Power To Share

Users can automatically send any GeoMetrix Report Wizard report, via email, to defined user groups with user-selected frequency. This means the right people get the right information at the right time – all the time.

Knowledge is power and GeoMetrix Performance Suite puts it in your hands by accurately converting raw data into meaningful insights and sharing with those who need it.

The Power To Profit

By leveraging the complete data set, the GeoMetrix Review Screen and the analytical and reporting capabilities of the GeoMetrix Report Wizard, our customers have measurably improved their bottom lines.

Through identifying, reporting and correcting operational and systemic issues internally, with railroads, railcar owners, terminals and others, you can:

  • Increase Safety and Security
  • Improve Performance
  • Reduce Errors
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Increase Return on Assets
  • Grow Revenues

GeoMetrix Performance Suite’s analytical support tools put this application in a class by itself among North American railcar operations professionals.

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