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Integrated Route Management

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite leverages client-specific industry data to provide unprecedented insight to your rail shipment routes. Now you can easily identify opportunities for improved routing, scheduling and so much more.

Route Profiling

By automatically logging route information for every shipment, the GeoMetrix Performance Suite starts building intelligence about your shipping patterns and performance immediately. The GeoMetrix Route module automatically documents the routes you use and records actual travel time for each segment of every trip.

Segmented route data such as the average travel time from all intermediate locations to a destination produces summary statistics as well as more accurate Estimated Time Enroute (ETE) and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculations. Now you can minimize early and late arrivals as well as set more accurate performance standards.

With built-in graphing capabilities, you can depict route performance information in graphical formats as well as client-specific report formats using the GeoMetrix Report Wizard. 

The GeoMetrix Route module also gives you the power to verify railroad performance against user-defined instructions and provides alerts when they are not being met.

graphic_routeRoute Optimization

The route profiling capabilities of GeoMetrix’s Route module allow you to make better route and railroad selections. Users can pinpoint problem routes or route segments and make comparative route assessments for improved shipping operations. Users can also can identify opportunities to reduce bunching or which departure dates line up better with crew availability for loading and offloading.

GeoMetrix’s built-in mileage calculations allow users to improve fleet optimization by determining the most profitable rail routes. 

Users can better understand their fleets’ cycle times through the integrated Cycle Days data available in the Route module. Now it’s easy to see how long a railcar is held at a customer’s facility or compare Loaded Transit Times to Empty Transit Times – for individual railcars or an entire fleet.

By integrating precise and detailed route performance information, the GeoMetrix Route module lets you make important route management decisions quickly and confidently.

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