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Integrated Shipment Management

GeoMetrix Performance Suite provides exceptional value to shippers through process automation, embedded logic, data and system integration to keep shipments moving as planned. Shippers can optimize capacity utilization with GeoMetrix’s automated cargo transfer tracking capabilities.

Shipment Automation

Arranging shipments with GeoMetrix Performance Suite is streamlined through its seamless integration of Bill of Lading (BOL) information requirements. Using EDI 404s, the GeoMetrix Shipment module lets you transfer originating BOLs to railroads and receive their acceptance confirmations automatically.

You can establish patterns or select the railcar, product, parties to the waybill, departure point, destination, route and railroad information with a few keystrokes and reduce documentation error as well as save time.

You can also produce hazardous materials and customs documentation (EDI 810s) including U.S. and Canadian import/export compliance requirements. These can be sent automatically to selected agencies, customs brokers, railroads, customers and other service providers.

Shipment Control & Tracking

graphic_shipmentGeoMetrix Shipment does more than just populate information in shipping docs, it serves as a control point.

GeoMetrix Shipment helps avoid operational errors by not allowing users to assign a railcar to carry an incompatible product or alerting you if a railcar selected for a shipment is currently scheduled for maintenance. Order management, terminal requests and 3rd party railcar management are also simplified.

GeoMetrix Shipment can help minimize documentation errors or delays that can compromise safety, performance and ultimately affect your company’s bottom line.

Shipment Precision

The Shipments module includes the ability to electronically obtain load and offload cargo data and other related attributes directly. Through automated cargo capture between railcars trucks, tanks, barges or other vessels, data entry (and errors) can be reduced or eliminated and users can monitor transload data at a molecule level.

Shipment Integration

The GeoMetrix Shipment module can easily interface with Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) and other ERP systems. 

GeoMetrix Shipment also enhances financial settlement processes by capturing freight invoices (EDI 410s) from railroads for freight payors. GeoMetrix provides the ability to review, and reconcile with, actual railroad invoices – minimizing or avoiding cost discrepancies and ensuring proper cost allocation.

Along with data from other GeoMetrix Performance Suite modules, you can independently calculate other shipment charges (such as customs charges, diversion costs or BC carbon surcharges) quickly and accurately. GeoMetrix Shipment reporting helps you quickly validate third-party invoices and identify errors or discrepancies. 

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite allows logistics managers to solve shipping challenges before they happen.

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