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Optimal Yard Management

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite offers an exceptionally versatile Yard Management platform that is both powerful and user-friendly. For rail yards of all sizes, GeoMetrix’s Yard Management provides complete visibility on every aspect of rail yard operations at a glance. With automated data transfer capabilities, dispatchers and yard workers can coordinate with greater accuracy for more efficient operations.

Information at a Glance

Like the rest of the GeoMetrix Performance Suite, the Yard Management module offers the same great user interface and the ability to quickly scan user-specified priority items as well as a detailed list of all railcars. Beyond this, however, the yard mapping capability presents a Yard Layout View of your entire yard with the ability to view the type, contents, location and status of every railcar.

100% Adaptable

graphic_yardFor yards with as few as 16 spots or those with over 5,000 spots GeoMetrix Performance Suite is completely scalable. Users can colour code any product and easily configure all tracks, racks and individual spots to align with any existing yard references. Regardless of size or configuration, the Yard Management module can be quickly set-up to perfectly mirror any rail yard.

The versatility of GeoMetrix’s Yard Layout View delivers complete information on available capacity, car sequencing, location, loading and departure status and yard storage capacity at a glance.

Scanning and Mobility

Regardless of your method of data entry, GeoMetrix streamlines this process to reduce time and error. With GeoMetrix’s Yard-Scan, yard workers can electronically scan and transmit RFID-based railcar information instantly to GeoMetrix Yard Management for error-free, up-to-date railcar information in minutes.

GeoMetrix Yard Management is also fully adaptable to computer tablets that give users complete mobility. Now you can control the yard – from anywhere in the yard!

Control At Your Fingertips

GeoMetrix Performance Suite delivers incredible operating precision and control through simple mouse clicks or even your fingertips.

With ‘Drag and Drop’ ease you can quickly reposition railcars and automatically generate Switch Lists for rail yard workers and railroad crews. GeoMetrix also lets you generate Inspection Reports, add Notes, Remove or Update railcars, Product Transfers, change L/E Status and create Bills of Lading.

From a handheld tablet, not only can you take the entire GeoMetrix Performance Suite capability right into the yard, but forms and Inspection Reports can be completed and transmitted electronically, including railcar photographs!

GeoMetrix Yard is a powerful tool that makes rail yard operations far more visible and efficient, ensuring that the right rail yard actions take place at the right time.

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