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GeoMetrix Performance Suite

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite offers state-of-the-art logistics management technology powered by over three decades of rail transportation industry expertise. Now you can quickly process details of your own railcar shipping operations to improve performance, reduce risk and increase profitability.

graphic_geo16GeoMetrix Performance Suite seamlessly integrates real-time data and processes throughout the North American rail transportation network to deliver powerful performance tracking, management and optimization tools to your desktop.

This comprehensive suite of rail logistics management tools supports manifest and unit trains alike and includes these core capabilities:

Tracking & Trace Monitoring

Maintaining visibility on inventory transit is a foundational requirement that the GeoMetrix Performance Suite delivers with many enhancements.

Trip Management and Optimization

GeoMetrix Performance Suite offers the latest scheduling detail for individual railcars and unit trains to maintain schedules and reduce costs.

Railcar Asset and Fleet Management

Profile rolling stock fleets, unit trains, subfleets or individual cars for accurate shipment costing, lease management and more.

Route Planning and Management

Corridor profile analysis can be done in both graphical and customizable report formats to easily target best alternatives.

Shipment Management

Tracking volumes down to the molecule or kernel through seamless data transfer simplifies reconciliations and invoicing.

Yard Management

Comprehensive rail yard information combined with graphical presentation of yard layouts and ‘drag & drop’ functionality.

By embedding these tools in a highly intuitive, user friendly environment, GeoMetrix Performance Suite dramatically simplifies the complexity of today’s rail logistics management challenge.

The GeoMetrix Review Screen

Each major component of the GeoMetrix Performance Suite integrates and builds on your operational data to deliver summary information in a simple, colour coded format designed to give you the information you need at a glance.

GeoMetrix Report Wizard

The inherent genius of the system, this powerful tool allows users to compile, manipulate and analyze virtually all rail operations information. From shipment order to delivery completion, the vast detail and complexity of rail operations information is easily harnessed in report formats to suit any user, group or organization.

Security & Access

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite is a hosted environment that has been designed with flexibility and security in mind.  Users can access their data throughout North America using a variety of devices including desktop PCs, tablets and smart phones. Users can also access GeoMetrix via internet from multiple locations without the need for localized applications or support.

GeoMetrix’s network is fully redundant and continuously monitored to ensure processes are correct and running smoothly.  In addition, GeoMetrix employs numerous firewalls to ensure client data remains secure and fully accessible with minimal downtime.

Recent Updates

The latest version of the GeoMetrix Performance Suite and a commitment to continuously improving the functionality and user experience that has distinguished this technology since it was introduced.


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