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Complete Railcar Asset Management

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite provides complete cost visibility on all your railcar assets. Whether you own or lease your rolling stock, GeoMetrix Performance Suite lets you profile every railcar in both aggregate and individual terms. Beyond cost optimization, GeoMetrix’s Railcar module also provides audit capability for railroad and leasing companies.

GeoMetrix Performance Suite’s railcar module includes the same detail review capability as all other modules. The consistent Review Screen format allows users to quickly focus on priority metrics and alerts to get the same ‘performance at a glance’ benefit that makes GeoMetrix so user friendly.

In addition, GeoMetrix’s Railcar module provides immediate visibility on individual asset profiles, leasing terms, service details and assignments.


graphic_railcarNow you can review cost / benefit detail on individual railcars including trip information, lease terms, service dates and costs as well as mechanical details. GeoMetrix Railcar allows users to record railcar-specific notes, as well.

With detailed information on repair and storage costs available for easy reference, users can maintain a more complete ‘cost of operation profile’ on their railcar assets.


GeoMetrix’s Railcar module enables you to prioritize negotiations for individual renewals and fleet railcar leases with a date ordering of pending lease expirations.

List railcar assets and leases by a variety of lease details including lessor, term, type, mileage allowances, rates and other contract riders to ensure your contracts are organized and up to date.

Service & Repairs

Accommodating planned maintenance in operational schedules can be challenging, but users can improve visibility and reduce error with GeoMetrix’s date ordering of pending service requirements.

Integrated, detailed service and repair information can help identify issues with individual railcars and fleets as well as repair shops.

Fleet Management

Managing railcar assignments is reduced to a few simple mouse clicks in the GeoMetrix Railcar module.

With ‘drag and drop’ ease, users can create new sub-fleets or assign multiple railcars to new fleets or base stations in a single action. Now fleet changes can be made quickly and accurately, reviewed for optimization and changed again as results warrant.


GeoMetrix Railcar simplifies fleet storage management by calculating the storage days and costs for each railcar in any of your storage sites. User-defined auto alerts let you know when to add or remove cars from storage, helping you manage both short and long term storage requirements.

Mechanical & Inspections

GeoMetrix gives you maximum flexibility in connecting your yard to your systems. The Railcar module is designed to accept UMLER mechanical data for railcars and maintain that information for reporting and loading purposes.

Meeting regulated inspection requirements is also simplified with our ‘ruggedized’ tablets that contain a camera, barcode scanner, GPS, cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Crews can perform railcar inspections easily and reliably, then store the inspection reports – including photographs – for reporting and audit purposes.

Performance Measurement

GeoMetrix’s Report Wizard allows logistics managers and senior executives to transform comprehensive ‘granular’ information into meaningful intelligence for fleet performance management.

Cost of service and capacity utilization can be dramatically improved simply by having the right information available in the right format at the right time.

GeoMetrix lets logistics managers or senior executives quickly view and assess key performance indicators to make better railcar asset management decisions.

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