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Comprehensive Track & Trace

The GeoMetrix Performance Suite delivers superior “in-transit visibility” on all your shipments and assets. While the need for railcar tracking and tracing is germane to the industry, GeoMetrix Performance Suite features comprehensive, integrated shipping information and advanced analytic and reporting capabilities that provide unrivalled cost reduction and Return On Investment (ROI) potential.


Knowing what product is traveling on the North American rail network, and where, is valuable information that allows companies to avoid supply interuptions and reroute cars as necessary.

We recognize that managing your railcar assets when they’re in motion is vital to ensuring they’re as productive as possible. By streaming all your waybill information directly to your desktop through GeoMetrix Performance Suite, you have all the current locations and shipment information for every railcar asset you monitor at your fingertips – all the time.


graphic_trackingThe last thing you want is product sitting in a railcar going nowhere. You can avoid ‘horizontal silos’ with GeoMetrix Performance Suite’s dynamic estimated arrival times (ETAs) that allow you to have the needed crews available to handle the receipt of railcars, and avoid overcrowding at your receiving facilities.

In addition to simply tracking railcars, you can easily profile each railcar for cargo and shipping information through fully integrated waybills. GeoMetrix Performance Suite provides visibility into what is in the railcar, not just an equipment ID.


Managing storage requirements is also simplified with integrated contract management and metrics information – like capacity, utilization and cost – that help you optimize your operation and reduce costs.

Idle cars not only cost you money, they prevent you from recognizing a return on your rail assets.  GeoMetrix Performance Suite lets you identify cars that are, or will be, accumulating demurrage fees and detention charges.

Rail supply chain visibility allows you to confirm that railcars are heading to the right destination at the right time – or identify issues sooner when they’re not.   Now you can increase the performance of your railcar operations with enhanced information and functionality that is easy to use and fully supported.

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