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Geometrix Empowered Logistics services

Bring Back-Office Logistics, Expertise and Support Onboard

GeoMetrix Empowered Logistics Services: We’re Part of Your Team

Managing back-office logistics of your railcar fleet is time-consuming and requires a unique set of knowledge and skillsets. By partnering with GeoMetrix Empowered Logistics Services, you get the hands-on expertise of our logistical professionals at your fingertips.

From day-to-day administration and reporting to strategic problem solving, our team provides the support and insights to help you maximize shipping efficiency and profitability.

The GeoMetrix Empowered Logistics Services Advantage
Veteran Logistics Expertise
Improved Productivity
Responsive Problem Solving
Outsourcing of Routine Tasks
Greater Fleet Efficiency
Cost Management Strategies
Free-Up Staff/Resources
Enhanced Decision Making


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Key Services

GeoMetrix Empowered Logistics Services offers a full array of rail fleet support services, which can be tailored to your company’s needs. Our key services include, but are not limited to:

  • Railcar Monitoring and Delay Resolution
  • Coordination of Fleet Maintenance
  • KPI Generation and Reporting
  • Optimization of Cycle Time and Fleet Utilization
  • Performance Metric Monitoring and Consulting
  • Document Management and Reporting
Who’s It For?

Any company with railcar assets (owned or leased) can benefit by outsourcing logistical management to GeoMetrix Empowered Logistics Services. And we can work with shippers of bulk goods across all sectors. Whether you have a few cars or a few hundred – our logistics professionals will keep your fleet and your cargos moving.

Industries include Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Chemicals,
Foresty, Minerals and more.

Ongoing Partnership or Project-Based Consulting?

Whether you need day-to-day logistical management
services – or have a project that requires senior-level
strategic consulting – we’re here to help.

Guided by Industry Veterans. Powered by GeoMetrix.

GeoMetrix Empowered Logistics Services has the knowledge, the experience and the tools to seamlessly manage your fleet. Our work is conducted on the GeoMetrix Performance Suite – a leading rail logistics planning and operations platform that encapsulates all aspects of railcar operation.

Optimize Your Fleet Performance by Partnering with GeoMetrix Empowered Logistics Services

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